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I don’t know if I should rue the day I discovered HomeGoods or rejoice! It’s kind of hit-or-miss for me – sometimes I go in the store, and nothing appeals to me. Other times, like on Friday, I have to tell myself I can only take home what will fit inside one shopping cart (of course, if I carry my purse instead of setting it on top of the “child seat” the basket is bigger and therefore will hold more stuff…!)

So I went to the HomeGoods/Marshall’s store on West Gray on my way to I Sold It on Ebay in the Heights, but I never made it to the place where I can get rid of stuff and make money (hopefully!) I wanted to see if HomeGoods had any yellow tapered candles (it didn’t) but it did have this:


and this:

I found the little Eiffel tower plate and the beachy stacking bowls first. For $2.99 and $7.99 respectively, they practically leapt into my shopping cart! Then I found the mercury glass lamp. Everyone (on the design blogs) says they find great lamps at HomeGoods, and I always see lamps I like, but they are too big, too green, too contemporary, too traditional, etc. I am not a DIYer, so I want to buy a lamp that is ready-to-go; I don’t want to have to spray paint it to get the color I want or gussy up the lampshade – if I tried to do that, the lamp would sit in my (very-hot-these-days) garage all summer. So, when I saw this baby, I snatched it right up (but not before I switched out the lampshade for another base that didn’t have a dent in it. I am my mother’s daughter, after all!)

Thrilled with my lamp find, I strolled my (near-empty) cart over to the art aisles. I was half-heartedly rifling through framed art, when I found this picture


and my heart did a little happy dance. I have wanted to hang some art in my bedroom to break up the vast sea of Palladian blue (on my monitor, the color looks greyish-blue, but in real-life, it looks more blue/green) and to bring in some accent colors so the room wouldn’t look like an ad for The Chocolate Blues. I specifically wanted sort of an orange-y/pink color but hadn’t been able to find anything I really liked. The flowers in the painting are more orange than pink, but the blues/greens/browns are perfect!

Happy with this little gem, I continued to go through the stacks of art. Then I found this, and my jaw dropped:

Holy popsicle sticks of perfect colors! (I know there are all kinds of reflections in these pictures, including my lovely arm outstretched, holding the camera, but it’s the best I could do. Trust me, they look sooooooo good in person!) There were several different versions of this painting, and I chose the one with a little bit of orange so it would pick up on the orange in the flower picture. Again, the blues and greens (and the one little “stripe” of brown) are perfect with the paint color in the room and the colors in the other picture! The great thing about this painting is that it is really well-mounted and framed. It has a heaviness to it that you don’t normally found in mass-produced art. Both of these pictures look like real art that you might find in a gallery! And even though I plan to hang  them in my bedroom, they would work well in the main living area of my house, too.

Giddy, I loaded my ever-shrinking space with the paintings and wheeled toward the furniture section, when I spied the little laundry room picture and tossed it in the basket. I keep forgetting to take measurements of the heights, widths, and lengths of spaces I need furniture for, so I quickly glanced at the selection and moved on to the bed-and-bath section. I found the floral fabric-lined baskets (there are four nestled one inside the other, priced individually)  and piled them in the cart (careful not to break the lamp) – I was on a roll!

Seeing no yellow candles, I decided to check out – but first I stopped by the glass section near the front of the store. I just wanted to make sure I didn’t miss anything, and that’s where I picked up the orange and green glass vahzes. Now, let me tell you, those pieces of glass are cheap-y! You can totally see the seams – no fine, hand-blown models of glass are they, but they look great with the paintings. I have visions of using them on a bookshelf next to the chest of drawers opposite my bed, but, for now, they’ll just go on the dresser or the nightstand. 

As I was waiting  for a cashier, I saw the beach towels. (There are, of course, many things available for purchase as you snake through the line!) I haven’t used the pool in my condo complex yet, but there’s a first time for everything, right? The colors are so vibrant, and the towels are very soft. Now when friends come over to swim (hint-hint, Houston folks!) I have towels for them to use!`

The most expensive items were the artwork and the lamp; everything else was under $15. With help once again from end-of-the year gift cards, I will soon have a more colorful bedroom. Here’s a “before” shot:

I can’t wait to start hammering! (It’s almost noon on Sunday – people are awake by now, right?)

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