For the Love of Pillows

I blogged about my lust for this gorgeous Palm Springs pillow by Trina Turk, and I posted some pictures of the Pier 1 pillows I got for my sofa (I used some end-of-year gift cards from my students) in lieu of shelling out the bucks for the Trina Turk pillows – not exactly a match, but they brought that warm, golden, summery feel I wanted in my living room:


And I also wrote about how I adore these pillows from Etsy sellers:

 {I briefly wondered if I should have gotten the yellow lattice pillows for my sofa instead of the Pier 1 pillows, but I’m happy with my choice!}


But now I’ve found a new resource for pillows I can’t afford: Outer Banks Trading Group!

Here are some that I think would look great in my bedroom (alas, I am running out of gift cards!):

Sigh. I guess I’ll have to marry rich or else win Melissa’s pillow giveaway.

Julia at Hooked on Houses is also doing a pillow giveaway! Yea!

I’d better get going on that “marry rich” thing anyway. I do have my HomeGoods habit to support!

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