Yes, I’ve joined the 21st century! Mom’s new computer has a built-in camera, and it’s so easy to use. You just move your cursor over to the left side of the screen, and voilà! Up pops the camera! Or you can click the fluffy blue “S” (for Skype) on the menu bar and you can video call your brother-in-law in Seattle!

It’s funny to do something – finally! – that you’ve read about and heard about and seen on TV (that Modern Family Christmas episode where they Skyped with the grandparents while wearing their ugly Christmas sweaters – classic!) The only thing is that Pete and Susan’s camera is a mounted one from a couple years* ago {Since when did we stop including the “of” in a couple of _______? I’ve noticed this trend, and I don’t like it. William Safire wrote about it in this column two years ago. God, I miss that man.} and the video and audio quality aren’t very good.

So the picture on Mom’s and my end looks pretty good, and I think the audio is okay, too. S said it kept freezing up yesterday, but that may have had more to do with the fact that we logged on to an unsecured network than the quality of the camera. Anyway, we got to see AJ tonight! She was in her duckie pjs and had all of her lovies around her. She can crawl now, and wave, and she’s so precious when she holds her lovies up to her nose and sucks her little thumb! S read Moo, Baa, Fa-la-la to her (what would bedtime be without Sandra Boynton?!?!)

I love the 21st century!

*Note: Spell Check says I’m missing a word. See, even Spell Check wants “of” to be included!

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  1. We need to get this too…haven’t done it yet either. Glad to know it’s working…and, that AJ is crawling.

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