Happy Mother’s Day!

I sure am glad I got to spend this day with my mom! And it was so special to witness AJ’s baptism today, six days before her Mimi’s 69th birthday. I know I’m biased, but she really is the most adorable 10 month old baby girl I’ve ever seen! She does so many cute things – like putting her froggie-lovey up to her nose and sucking her little thumb, tilting her head and leaning over when she wants to interact with you, and the waving – oh, the waving! It can “turn the smiles on” in a sanctuary full of Frozen Chosens!

I love watching my sister mother her daughter. She is so good with her, and AJ adores her. It was a good day for moms – and daughters and sons and even aunties!

I wanted to share this blog entry by a woman named Kelle Hampton, who recently became the mom of a precious baby who has Down Syndrome. I like her idea about the House of Motherhood and how it has different rooms. If you are a mom or if you have a mom, read and enjoy. And feast your eyes on Kelle’s pictures of her beautiful girls.

enjoying the small things

Happy Mother’s Day!

2 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. I LOVED the day…seeing Susan, you, your mom, and Anna Jane. What a group of wonderful, strong women!

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