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Ode to Shoes

Sometimes in my head, I sing a little ditty from Oliver!

You know how it goes: Shoes, Glorious Shoes!

I packed a suitcase this afternoon with spring clothes to take to Mom’s. I folded a bunch of clothes and then started to select a few pairs of shoes. I grabbed some black flats, my new bronze pair that I just love, the yellow peep-toed lovelies from DSW. And then I felt sorry for the pink patent-leather ones. They’d be so lonely without their friends. So I threw them in, too. And the floral B. O. C. sandals would probably be okay for school. I know technically they’re flip-flops and technically we’re not supposed to wear them, but the big honkin’ flower on the top kind of covers my toes and makes the shoes not look so flip-floppy. Yep, in they went!

I quickly wedged some green flip-flops I got on sale at Talbot’s last year (woman cannot live on flats alone) between a few pairs of pants, zipped my suitcase, and glanced back at my shoe closet. With half my spring shoes going to Mom’s house, there is now room on the shelf for these beauties!

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