Opposite Day

Today is like the opposite of “Raniy days and Mondays always get me down!”

I’m playin’ hooky from school today. Right now, I’m sitting in my local Starbucks, pretending I’m in Seattle. It’s overcast and drizzly, and it’s fa-reeezing in here, so I’ve got my heavy jacket on, envisioning a sweeping view of Lake Union in the distance. Got my Grande Two Sweet ‘n Low Latte (yes, regular milk –  nonfat milk tastes funny to me in a latte) and my Reduced Fat Banana Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake (makes up for the 2% in the latte, right???) and my laptop. It’s just like I’m in Mecca!

I have very rarely taken “personal days” in my teaching career. Yes, I took 5 days when I went to Paris last October, and it was fabulous! Occasionally, I have missed an extra day over a long weekend to visit friends. But most of the time, when I am absent, it is because I am sick, attending Professional Development classes, or, most recently, taking Mom to the doctor, IV fluids treatment, or other procedures. I think I’ve taken a day for myself – just myself, with no agenda other than to do what I want to do – maybe two times in 14 years.

And yes, I know teachers get “the whole summer” off, and we get Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break, and I am so happy to have that schedule. But there is something delicious about skipping school and doing what you want to do instead of trying to cram it all in on your “vacation” weeks.

On my agenda for today:

  1. Organize my shoes on the new shelves Augustin and his crew put in for me on Saturday. This will necessitate a trip to The Container Store. I’m so bummed ecstatic about that!
  2. Reorganize all of my holiday storage on new shelves in the garage (from Home Depot).
  3. Pack up winter sweaters, jackets, pants, etc. in my new bins from Target (they were on sale! I got the last 5 they had at the River Oaks Tar-jay!)
  4. Organize my jewelry into jewelry trays (purchased at The Container Store on aforementioned trip for shoe organizers). I want to bring all of my necklaces, earrings, and bracelets into the light!
  5. Reorganize the boxes of classroom materials I brought home at Spring Break because I wanted to get rid of a bulky piece of furniture and needed to find a new home for its contents.
  6. Read a little bit of this book my friend RM sent me in the mail last week.
  7. Catch up on some of my favorite mags – O, Real Simple, House Beautiful, Home and Gardens.
  8. Go to Lakeshore Learning to pick up some multiplication practice materials for my students. This is the first year I’ve had students memorizing their multiplication facts in second grade, so I need a few fun things for them to use for practice.
  9. Do a little spring decorating – I put out some things for Easter, but I think I can take those down now. If I get all of the big organizational things done, the decorating will be the icing on the cake!
  10. Oh – and I get to go to acupuncture for the first time today. I’ve heard it may help my tinnitus. (And I think I’m going to have her throw in a few pins for weight loss while she’s at it…!)
  11. Watch House.


Good day, my friends. Good day.

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