Meanwhile back at the ranch

The loud, hellacious ringing continues. I had an MRI last Thursday. I felt all Desmond-y. Boy howdy, someone needs to figure out how to do those things more quietly.

 I probably don’t have an acoustic neuroma (small, benign tumor pressing on the auditory nerve.) Very unlikely. Which means the ringing is here to stay.  Or until I can try a succession of various homeopathic and unproven remedies like biofeedback (even my psychiatrist doesn’t actually know what that is!), acupuncture, Wind – Strong (masking sound on the background noise app on my phone), Clonazepam. Oh, wait. That is a medically-proven treatment. For anxiety and stress. Which I have. In spades.

 So, Tinnitus Awareness Week is coming up. Here is a fun and educational crossword puzzle to download, print, and share! I kid you not.



Edited to add: When the nurse got ready to start my IV, I told her that it is sometimes hard to find my veins and that nurses often have trouble with them. She looked at my veins and declared that although I had them (thank goodness!) they were in weird places. She brought in a more experienced nurse to start the line. That nurse did a great job, easily inserting a needle into one of my weirdly placed veins, but I almost lost consciousness.

For some reason, needles/veins/blood draws, etc. make me feel very queasy and light-headed. As the nurse was getting my skin ready for the insertion, I was starting to feel icky, and I told the other nurse that I sometimes fainted during this procedure. The whole time it was going on, I was narrating how I was feeling – clammy, queasy, tingly – and my speech was slurring and slowing down. The nurse and some other MRI techs gathered around me with a wet towel, some orange juice, and smelling salts. Of course, I was sitting down the whole time, so I wouldn’t have had far to fall, but I really didn’t want to slide out of the chair and end up on the floor. The smelling salts and orange juice brought my blood pressure back to a normal level, and after a few minutes (with four medical professionals hovering around me) I went to a waiting room where I sat in a recliner and graded math tests before my MRI.

Fun times.

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