So, I signed up to participate in a caregiver study through MD Anderson. When Mom and I went to her appointment today, a study coördinator visited with us and said she had a study I might be eligible for – the effect of expressive writing on a caregiver’s mental/emotional well-being. I told her that sounded like it was right up my alley and answered a questionnaire to see if I qualified (which I did) and then filled out a dozen different mood/thought surveys for a baseline.

Tomorrow is Day 1, and I have to write on a topic for 20 minutes. That shouldn’t be a problem. I told her that I had thought of blogging about this whole rotten turn of events anyway and now I can kill two birds with one stone! It sure beats the heck out of having silent conversations (over the ringing, of course) with myself in my head! Oh, and at the end of the study, I get a $20 gift card! I have no idea to where, but what does that matter? I love me some gift cards!!!

The last time I talked to Beth F., she suggested that I write about my spiritual journey. She said she wished she had done that when her mother was sick and dying. I think it will be good for me to write, not sure how spiritual it will be, but we’ll see.

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