Because I’m a wee bit OCD, I can’t jump ahead and blog out of chronological order. I have to tell the story from beginning to middle as it happened, but I will hit the fast-forward button, skipping over the switch from Kelsey-Seybold to MD Anderson, the long wait for an appointment, and the realization that Mom’s cancer was worse this time than the breast or uterine cancer she’d had before.

After 3 long months and countless CT scans and MRIs, Dr. R diagnosed Mom with Primary Peritoneal Cancer (PPC), a rare, aggressive cancer found almost exclusively in women. She also has clear-cell carcinoma, a type of cancer that is not responsive to traditional chemotherapy. There are few treatment options for PPC, and the prognosis is not good, even with treatment. One website I read said that the mortality rate for PPC is 100%.

To quote Joe Biden, this is a big fucking deal. Only not the kind that cements your place in history alongside FDR and Lincoln.

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