It’s a beautiful spring day in Houston. This is what I would like to do today:

  • go to church – it’s Palm Sunday
  • take a walk to Memorial Park and go to the Bayou City Art Festival
  • clean out my closet and make room for spring clothes!
  • go to HomeGoods, Stein Mart, and Ikea and hunt for bargains for my house
  • decorate house with said bargains
  • go shopping for something to wear next Sunday on Easter
  • use my DSW coupon to get $20 off my next pair of shoes $49.95 or more! (like this adorable denim ballet flat)
  • take some shoes (new or gently used) to Cole Haan and receive 20% off my next purchase!
  • take Coco to the dog park down the street – everyone looks like they are having such a good time when I drive by it
  • go to Target (no weekend is perfect without a trip to Target!)
  • buy some white pillar candles to put in my fireplace candle holder
  • did I mention I want to buy some shoes?


This is what I will do today:

  • take care of Mom (does she have a UTI now?) and Coco (scratching up a storm)
  • order groceries and diet meals online
  • make mom work on her tax stuff
  • go through all of Mom’s medications to figure out what she really is taking so that we can talk to her doctor about it at tomorrow’s appointment
  • make a spreadsheet of Mom’s meds with dosages/times to take
  • create lesson plans and email them to my substitute
  • call a new landscaping guy to transform Mom’s sorely neglected patio before Thursday
  • schedule Blackmon Mooring to clean Mom’s carpets this week
  • meet/talk with Nurse Jane Fuzzy-Wuzzy about all of Mom’s appointments and procedures tomorrow
  • distribute all meds to the patients
  • order new underwear online at Nordy’s (I can order underwear online, right???)
  • put gas in Mom’s car; think about when we can take it in for someone to check on why it’s making that “whup-whup” sound when we slow down
  • make Mom drink lots of fluids
  • quadruple check my lists to make sure I am doing everything I’m supposed to do


On a beautiful spring day in Houston.

4 thoughts on “Spring

  1. OK, I just got all caught up.

    I’m SO happy you’re blogging.

    I wish you didn’t have to go through this.

    Lots of hugs from here. Thank you for sharing the link. Love you all.

  2. Just got caught up myself…thanks for letting us be a part of your journey…

    Cancer f’ing sucks. And it sucks on new a different ways on each journey, which means it’s also mean…and noone deserves meanness less than the two of you.

    Hugs…and a few rather ticked off psalm-like prayers…are winging your way. The Boss is pissin me off here a bit.

    Love y’all.


  3. Thank you for sharing your innermost thoughts and feelings. I am sorry you are having to go through all this. I think writing will give you a release. Do find time to take care of yourself–a few minutes each day. When my mother-in-law fell 9 years ago, my father-in-law took care of her by himself . He landed in the ICU and we almost lost him. I like your idea of hiring professional help and think it will give you some relief.

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