So last week, I started to notice a ringing in my ears. That wouldn’t go away. And got worse at night. Tinnitus. People with hearing loss are vulnerable (Beethoven had it, Bono has it). Usually noise-related hearing loss precipitates the ringing, but people with congenital hearing loss (like me) can also get it. 

I have experienced ringing in my ears before, but it always went away and didn’t really bother me to distraction. It is now becoming a major problem for me. I find myself struggling over the loud ringing in my ears to think of what I want to say, and I keep getting tongue-tied, which is not normal for me.

My head hurts a little, and it feels like there is a lot of pressure in my ears. I had a parent-teacher conference with a mom who is also an ENT, and she suggested taking Sudafed and using Affrin. It could be that I have fluid on my ears which is causing problems with my eardrum. Lord, I hope it’s just fluid that will go away sooner or later (sooner, please!!!)

I know it’s not the worst thing to happen, but I am really scared about the possibility that this ringing won’t go away.

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